Your selection of ‘funny, bizarre’ English words used in French

From snober to footing, we have a bon feeling that you’ll enjoy reading these

English terms used in everday French

Thanks to all readers who sent in English terms used in French that they find quirky or funny. We note that some of them such as ‘footing’ for jogging do not actually exist in English but are based on it.

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Here are our favourites so far, but please keep suggestions coming in to

Du cash (some money)

Un coach (a personal trainer)

Un dealer (a drug dealer)

Les baskets (trainers)

Le rimmel (eye makeup)

Le brushing (blow dry)

Le weekend (weekend)

Le shampooing (shampoo)

Le footing (jogging)

Un smoking (tuxedo)

Un piercing (pierced nose or other part of the body)

Un snacking (fast food cafe)

Un relooking (makeover)

Un camping (campsite)

Un pressing (dry cleaner)

Snober (to treat with disdain)

C’est cool (that’s cool)

Flasher (to have a crush on/to be flashed by a speed camera)

Un parking (car park)

Le Brexit (Brexit)

Le planning (work rota)

De grand standing (luxury)

Un bon feeling (a good feeling)

Un chewing-gum (chewing gum)

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