Heatwave in France: Ten places where records for June have been beaten

Météo-France is predicting that all-time records could fall today in several places

France is currently experiencing an 'exceptionally' early heatwave, weather services say

France has been experiencing an intense heatwave for much of this week, described as “exceptional” by Météo-France for how early in the year it has come.

Temperatures in parts of the country, particularly the south-west and west, have climbed to around 42C. Almost everywhere in France has experienced temperatures above 30C in the past week.

There are currently 14 departments on red heatwave alert and a further 56 on orange alert.

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The heatwave is set to peak today (June 18) before storms arrive later this evening and tomorrow.

Météo-France states that temperatures will reach between 38 and 41C in Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Centre-Val-de-Loire, west Burgundy and Ile-de-France.

Certain places, particularly in Aquitaine in the south-west, could reach up to 42C.

“This could lead to all-time record-breaking temperatures,” Météo-France states.

In total, 10 places have experienced record-high temperatures for June so far during this heatwave, while one place, Martys (Aude), matched its previous June high.

The record for minimum overnight temperatures was also beaten in two places.

The lowest temperature a weather station in Tarascon (Bouches-du-Rhône) recorded was 26.8C between Thursday and Friday, beating the previous minimum temperature of 25.7C in 2019.

In Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône), the minimum temperature recorded during the same night was 23.9C, beating the previous record of 23.8 from 2008.

Météo-France also highlighted other places where the temperatures were notably high without breaking records:

  • Villevieille (Gard): 41.8C
  • Soumont (Hérault): 41.6C
  • Saint-Jean-de-Minervois (Hérault): 41.5C
  • Prades-le-Lez (Hérault): 41.4C
  • Lézignan-Corbières (Aude): 41.1C

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