Home renovation grants in France extended for 2022: Who can benefit?

MaPrimeRénov grants can fund up to 90% of work to improve household insulation, ventilation and heating systems. Here is how to apply

800,000 households are expected to use the grants for home improvement works in 2021
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An extra €2 billion will be allocated for renovation grants for homes in France in 2022, Prime Minister Jean Castex said yesterday (September 16).

The prime minister described the success of the MaPrimeRénov scheme in 2021 as “completely unexpected”, as 800,000 households are set to benefit from the renovation grants by the end of this year.

The scheme, which helps homeowners improve energy-saving features such as insulation, ventilation and heating will now be extended into 2022.

Mr Castex said there were 11.5 million private homes in France that were “still very badly insulated” and 4.4 million that were ‘thermal sieves’ meaning they are extremely poorly insulated.

How do I apply for a MaPrimeRénov grant?

Since January 2021, all households in France have been eligible for the grant, even the most high-income. Homeowners who live in their homes and landlords can apply.

Before committing to getting renovation works done, an online simulator can help you work out how much you may be eligible for with a MaPrimeRénov grant.

Aid can cover up to 90% of the costs of a renovation project, with the amount calculated according to household income and the overall cost of the work to be done.

Next, you’ll need to get a quote for the renovation work from an approved tradesperson, called a ‘professionnel RGE’.

Professionnels RGE have followed specific training and should complete work to an approved standard. You can search for a listed approved tradesperson where you live via this government website.

Applications for MaPrimeRénov grants can be made online, and once an application is approved renovation work can begin.

Applicants will receive grant money after the work is complete in time to pay their tradesperson.

Applying on the MaPrimeRénov website

All steps of the process can be completed online via the MaPrimeRénov website.

To sign up, you need to first create an account with your tax revenue reference, an email and telephone number and the names and dates of birth of everyone in the house.

You will also need the separate Numéro fiscal for your impôt sur le revenue (tax) declaration.

At this stage, you need the official devis (quote) for the work you want to be carried out which has to come from an artisan or company with RGE certification (Reconnu Garant de l'Environnement).

You are also able to designate a “mandataire” - someone who will fill out the forms for you. Usually, this will be the firm doing the work for you.

In theory, you will then quickly be told whether your application has been granted or not, the work gets done, and when the time comes to pay the bill, the amount of the subsidy is directly paid into the tradesman’s account and you pay the rest.

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