Road closed in Brittany to let frogs cross

A road near the Côtes-d’Armor will be closed for three months so frogs can cross without getting squashed by traffic

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Route 28 near Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany will be closed from December 14 until mid-March to allow frogs and other amphibians to cross safely.

While the road is used infrequently by traffic in this period - seeing only 400 vehicles per day – there are 11 endangered species living in the surrounding area that cross in large numbers during their reproductive period.

Jérémy Allain, counsellor for biodiversity in the commune of Lambelle, where the road is situated, said the amphibians migrate when winter temperatures start to increase. He told news source Le Point: “As soon as winter starts to end, they move towards their reproduction sites. It’s a group phenomenon, and it is at that moment they experience most road deaths.”

In previous years, local volunteers have formed a team to patrol the road in-person and helped up to 4,000 frogs, toads, newts and other animals cross the road safely every day.

The road was also closed last year, saving thousands of animal lives. An alternative route has been set up for vehicles.

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