French podcasts to help improve your language skills

Podcasts are a great way to make progress in learning French. Do you know someone who might find this article helpful?

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Listening is one of the most difficult aspects of language learning, but podcasts can be a big help in fine-tuning your skills.

They are free, easy to access and you can find a podcast on almost every topic.

You can subscribe for free on whatever app you listen to your podcasts on - including Apple Podcasts and Spotify - so new episodes will automatically drop into your phone without you having to lift a finger.

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break French, from Scotland-based company Radio Lingua, is a great way for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners to improve their French with different courses on offer.

The podcast has different seasons, with number one aimed at complete beginners and increasing in difficulty as they progress.

In each podcast, the hosts begin by detailing the language you will need to know for the episode and, as it unfolds, they stop to discuss different language points.

Episodes range between 15 and 30 minutes and the chatty, informal format makes for effortless listening.

The beauty is that while it doesn’t necessarily feel like you are sitting down to improve your French, you always come away from each episode having developed your language skills in one way or another, be it new vocabulary or finally cracking a grammar point you have been struggling with.

The numerous five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts speak for themselves.

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RFI Grand reportage

Grand reportage from RFI releases 20-minute episodes each day focusing on a different subject matter.

Reporters travel around the world to report on different issues, from Irish fisherman’s struggles to mines in Peru.

The short length of each episode allows you to focus without your mind wandering, all while learning in greater depth about stories you may otherwise miss.

Since it is recorded for radio, the presenters speak clearly and are easy to understand.

This is a good one to introduce to your daily routine.

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News podcasts

News podcasts are a great way to learn other languages as they talk about current events that you may already have a grasp of.

There are many options available for French learners depending on your level.

News in Slow French is good for beginners, bringing you all the headlines at a slightly slower pace than normal radio.

For more advanced learners, Le journal de 18h00 from France Culture is a short and sharp podcast bringing you evening news bulletins.

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Les promenades imaginaires au musée d'Orsay

This podcast is originally aimed at children but is great for all French learners.

Recorded in 2019, the 13, short 10-minute episodes tell stories inspired by the paintings in the musée d'Orsay in Paris.

French Voices

A good option for intermediate learners, French Voices sees host Jessica interview different people about their lives and careers.

Each episode is accompanied by a vocabulary list in English to help with words listeners may not recognise.

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