How do we prove purchases if till receipts are disappearing in France?

The automatic printing of paper receipts is being phased out for many types of purchase

Automatically printed till receipts are being phased out for many purchases in France from next year
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Reader Question: I read in The Connexion that shop till receipts are disappearing soon but how will shoppers be able to prove what they’ve bought?

Till receipts (tickets de caisse) will be phased out from 2023 in a bid to reduce paper waste and save on the water and fossil fuels which are used to create them.

Banning the systematic printing out of receipts will also cut the risk of contamination with bisphenol A, which is an endocrine disruptor.

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This decision has led to concerns that customers will no longer be able to check the items they have been charged for and to return them after purchase.

However, it should be noted that the disappearance of till receipts is not universal.

The tickets will still be printed by automatic machines and in the case of vouchers and promo coupons.

‘Durable’ products will also still come with a receipt. These include household appliances, computers, gardening and DIY tools, lighting, toys and games, sports equipment and furniture.

All customers will always be able to ask for a receipt even if it is not printed automatically, no matter the type of product they are purchasing.

However, most of the time shops will give the option to send a digital receipt by email.

Food shops are also considering the possibility of linking purchases to a customer’s points card or online account so that they can go back and view what they have bought.

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