We live in France, will my wife receive more UK pension if I die?

UK state old age pensions can be increased in this situation but there are conditions

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Reader question: We are a couple in our 80s, living in France and both receiving UK old age pensions, mine being £163.28 per week and my wife’s £85.17 per week. Assuming I die before her, what happens to my pension and does my wife’s pension increase? D.R.

On your death, the payment of your pension ceases. If your wife survives you, then yes, her state pension is likely to be increased.

As you are in your 80s, you will be drawing the old version of the state pension (probably the basic amount plus some additional state pension) and are still bound by the rules relating to this.

There is more information here about how a widow/er can qualify for an increase to the basic state pension and/or inherit part of a deceased spouse’s additional state pension.(for those who reached state pension age from April 6, 2016, see here).

A checker tool to see what a person may be entitled to claim can be found here.

To claim, or for further information, your wife will need to contact the pension service.

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