IN PICTURES: Your photographs of snow scenes from around France

Thank you to readers who shared their photographs with us. Our favourites win a Connexion 2023 France wall calendar

We look at Connexion reader photos of this month’s snow. Photo for illustration only
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Thank you to all the readers who sent in their photos of snowy scenes in their corners of France. Here are some that we particularly liked.

Ann Reid captured the Charolais cattle in the field above her country cottage near Arfeuilles in Allier’s Bourbonnais Mountains on December 11, when there was a light dusting of snow on the ground.

Ann Marie MacDonald photographed icicles on a tree in Pluméliau-Bieuzy (Morbihan).

Finally, Barbara Armstrong, who lives in the Parc Régional des Monts de l’Ardèche, sent in a picture of the track leading up to her mas cévenol (Cevennes farmhouse) on December 13.

There was enough snow around that Mrs Armstrong’s grandson could create a metre-high snowball by rolling it down the hill.

Each selected contributor wins a 2023 Connexion France wall calendar worth €16.50. For more on our calendar, see here.

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