France lockdown: Are vets and animal refuges still open?

Our cat is due a non urgent vaccination - will vets be open and able to do this - and are animal refuges open?

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Veterinary surgeries are operating as normal, though it is wise to double check with your local vet to see if non-urgent appointments can be delayed. If you do need to visit, you will need to fill out an attestation dérogatoire de déplacement exemption form and tick the box marked "Pour une consultation médicale ou des soins qui ne peuvent pas attendre."

The Covid-19 hotline also said you will need proof of an appointment or sworn affidavit (an example of which can be found here).

The Conseil national de l'Ordre des vétérinaires issued a statement following the second lockdown, calling on veterinarians and customers to take the following precautions:

  • Call in advance for an appointment
  • Limit contact with people
  • Social distancing
  • Wear an approved mask
  • Disinfect hands using hydroalcoholic gel

You can read the full statement here.

The SPA is continuing to operate during lockdown but visits are also by appointment only. Again, you will need an attestation dérogatoire de déplacement (tick the box "Pour m’occuper d’une personne qui a besoin de moi") and a sworn affidavit