Who is eligible for €1,000 payment for unemployed people in France?

The money will be given to some jobseekers to provide encouragement, and give funding to complete training courses with companies that are hiring

Training courses could be with companies in sectors such as hospitality or construction
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People in France who are considered long-term unemployed will be able to access a one-off €1,000 payment between now and 2022, Employment Minister Elisabeth Borne has announced.

To be eligible for the payment, jobseekers must:

  • Have been signed up with the French unemployment service, Pôle emploi, for more than 12 months, meaning they are classed as a chômeur de longue durée (long-term unemployed person).
  • Be signed up for a training course with a promesse d’embauche – a contract guaranteeing a future job offer – from a company in a sector that is currently recruiting, such as hospitality or construction.

Half of the payment will be transferred at the start of the training course, and the other half upon completion.

The aim is “to encourage long-term jobseekers to work in sectors that are recruiting, and to remove financial restrictions” that could prevent this, such as transport costs, the ministry said in a statement.

Prime Minister Jean Castex recently announced that €800million would be allocated to training 1.4 million long-term jobseekers in France, to help fill roles in sectors experiencing difficulty recruiting enough staff such as the hospitality industry or building/construction.

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